Rent a Maple Bucket   |   Adults   |   Feb 14 - Mar 31

Asbury Woods is offering an opportunity to “rent” a set of 4 buckets at the Nature Center to collect sap that you can take home to process into your own Maple Syrup. Cost: $25 for 4 buckets. Each bucket can hold up to 5 gallons of sap. Payment can be made online or at the Nature Center Location: Maple Buckets will be hung on the grounds of Asbury Woods. Your buckets will be labeled and will be in close proximity to each other. Time: The buckets will be up during the tapping season as designated by Asbury Woods. Buckets can be checked and emptied any time during daylight hours. You must provide your own containers to transfer your sap home. Every Maple Syruping Season is different. The season can start as early as late February and run until as late as early March. This year, Rent a Maple Bucket trees will be tapped on February 7 and 8. Weather conditions indicate that sap will be available for collection February 10 and onward. The amount of sap you can collect will depend on weather conditions and the length of each sap run. Every 40-50 gallons of sap can be boiled into 1 gallon of syrup, or 10 gallons can be boiled into 1 quart. Information and education will be provided to all participants as the season progresses from Kelley Lang, Director of Education and Community Programs. Asbury Woods will determine when the season is over and when the buckets are taken down.

Cost: $25.00 — Members / $25.00 — Non-Members
Location: Asbury Woods